European Specialty

Cento Fine Foods

A premier Italian grocery line of over 100 authentic Italian style products. Each Cento product is produced to precise specifications with only the finest ingredients.

Urbani Truffles

Italian producer of the most famous and world's finest Truffles and Truffle products. Offerings vary from Fresh Truffles to Genuine Truffle Bon Bons. Urbani has been servicing discerning palates for over 100 years.

Bertozzi Cheese

The Bertozzi family has been producing the finest Parmigiano Reggiano in the Parma region since 1901. Only the highest quality wheels are used to produce all cheese products to retain the flavor, texture and quality expected from this outstanding cheese.


Mifroma is the Swiss dairy products specialist. As one of the most advanced dairy companies in Europe, Mifroma's business consists of processing milk and ripening cheeses sourced from their carefully selected manufacturers.

Parma Cotto

Premier Italian Steam-Cooked, Roasted and Lean Hams all produced in Parma, Italy. Each ham is cooked to perfection without chemicals or flavor enhancers to deliver a rich, robust taste.

Zerega Pasta

Zerega makes the widest variety of dry pasta shapes in North America and are this country’s largest pasta manufacturer for the Food Service Trade. Traditional, Gluten Free, Thin Walled, Thick Walled , Whole Wheat and Egg Noodles are offered.


Montosco offers a prodigious variety of Herbs, Spices, Salts and Herb and Spice Mixes without added salt. This extensive range of products is rounded off with Gourmet Glaze, PGI Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Condiments based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil and PGI Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Fior di Frutta

100% Organic Italian Fruit Spread. Revolutionary manufacturing methods preserve the taste and nutrition of the fresh fruit. Delicious flavors with 30% less calories.

Aliseo Foods

Grown in an Estate at the base of Mount Etna in Sicily, the rich volcanic soil enriches the trees, therefore enriches the fruit. A blend of Moro, Tarcco and Sanguinella Blood Oranges provides a superior taste and splendid color.


Greci specializes in products for Professional food service. Each product is created to meet the requirements posed by dining out, from the traditional restaurant to the most modern and fashionable places. Rich and genuine flavours prepare a distinctive offer, serving the best Italian dishes, from appetizers to desserts.

Acetaia Dodi Balsamic Vinegar

An exquisite line of imported Italian Balsamic Vinegars. Crafted in the rich traditions of the Dodi family with great care and attention. These Vinegars have an unforgettable taste and irreplaceable presence.


Acquerello Organic Rice

Estate grown, harvested and packed 100% Organic Carnaroli rice. Aged in steel silos for 1 year under close supervision to ensure quality, proper humidity and temperature. Grains do not lump together or break during cooking; always perfectly al dente.